Food Baskets For Seniors

Continuously Serving Those Who Have a Youthful Spirit

In the current climate, ensuring seniors are provided with proper nutrition and access to regular meals is of utmost importance.  As the world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly population has been identified as one of the most vulnerable groups.  Many seniors cannot leave their homes due to safety concerns or physical limitations, making it challenging to access nutritious food. Additionally, older adults may have underlying health conditions that necessitate a well-balanced diet to maintain their immune systems and overall well-being.  By prioritizing providing healthy meals to seniors, we can help safeguard their health, improve their quality of life, and demonstrate our care and support for this valued segment of our society. 

Helping Those That Are Young At Heart!

Food Baskets for Seniors program is designed to support elderly individuals who are unable to leave their homes by providing them with nourishing food.


According to the US Government Accountability Office’s 2013 data, it was determined that 83 percent of low-income adults do not receive meals and experience food insecurity, resulting in the need to skip meals due to financial constraints.  This issue has been a cause for increasing concern, particularly as the cost of groceries continues to rise.  In response, Care for the Children and the OC Food Bank have partnered to provide food assistance to senior citizens who are unable to leave their homes.  This effort aims to serve the communities of Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Whittier, Norwalk, Cerritos, Lakewood, La Habra, La Mirada, Fullerton, and Anaheim. 


More than 5.5 million adults aged 60 and above, who are senior citizen, are currently experiencing hunger. It is particularly concerning as seniors encounter various medical and mobility difficulties, making them more susceptible to the risk of hunger. Despite years of dedicated work, many find themselves grappling with health problems while relying on fixed incomes.  Consequently, a significant number of these individuals are compelled to make difficult choices between purchasing groceries or acquiring essential medications.


The criteria that must be met to qualify are as follows:

  • Seniors aged 60 and older can receive food baskets through this program.
  • The program initially lasts for one year, with the option to extend for another year at the end of each period.
  • Seniors with low income are eligible for this program and will need to provide a photo ID.
  • The program is free of charge for seniors, and food boxes are delivered once a month.