Are you ready to make a real impact in the lives of others?

Care For The Children calls all volunteers to join us in our mission to bring smiles and nourishment to our beloved older adults in need.

**Become a Delivery Hero: **

We have an incredible opportunity for all those with a heart of gold to become delivery volunteers for our food basket program. Imagine the satisfaction of personally bringing nutritious meals to homebound older adults, providing them with sustenance and a sense of care and companionship. These boxes weigh approximately 40 pounds, so be prepared for some lifting.

**Make a True Difference: **

Our goal is to reach over 1000 seniors, but we need help. That's where you come in! By generously donating your time during the week, you become an invaluable part of our team, making an actual difference not only in your own life but also in the lives of our older adults.

**Imagine the Thrill: **

Imagine the thrill of being involved in special fundraising events and food drives, where your hard work directly impacts the lives of those in need. You'll engage in a wide range of duties, each one bringing you closer to your goal of making a positive difference.

Be the Change:

**Take Your Volunteer Journey Further: **

But wait, there's more! If you have a knack for fundraising or aspire to gain experience in this exciting field, we have the right opportunity for you. Care For The Children offers various volunteer positions that support our charity's programs, including our food basket initiative and the CFTC food distribution.  As a fundraising volunteer, you will be instrumental in organizing events and drives that help secure the necessary funds to keep these programs running.

Join Our Volunteer Force and Ignite a Ripple of Impact!

Make a Real Impact with Care For The Children: Become a Delivery Hero or Fundraising Superstar!